Brighton 2014

Thought I'd try and be a little creative this weekend and finally do some much needed video editing practice. Thank you so much to my best buds Malik and Mariel for making this trip happen!

Music: Sweet - Tamara Laurel

BureauBusiness and Skiing

For the past few months I've been working on a brand new look for the corporate website for our company. I might be biased but I think it's coming along really nicely. It needs a little bit more polish and some work on the copy but for all intents and purposes we could probably release the new site right now without too much of a problem. Especially when you compare it to our old site.

This is the first time I have been using a WYSIWYG editor seriously for a project and I have to say it isn't all bad. Weebly, I think, have the best balance of user friendliness and customisation for the hardcore (me) and would highly recommend for beginner and expert web builders. Although I can get frustrated very easily when the friendly interface starts bugging out from all the custom code I've put in. The majority of the site is custom code but hopefully my colleagues will also be able to add content easily using the built-in drag and drop functions. Needless to say I am quite proud of my baby.

I'm headed off to the snowy slopes of Bulgaria tomorrow so it will probably still be a little while longer until it makes the official switch over. Which is sort of good because then the links in this post will still be working in the correct context for a while at least! There will be loads of photos from the slopes to share when I get back too!

On a side note, since the theme update to my site there are still a few visual bugs (like the one below this post) that still need fixing. I'll do it soon I promise! I'm not lazy...

Life Update

Hey guys it's really been too long since my last post. I have written so many draft posts but I haven't been happy with them or had the time really to be bothered to fix them up. So this post is just a kind of release so I can get out the vicious cycle of not posting anything. Always good to practice writing!

Also I'm upset with the design of the site after working on some other projects. It feels so outdated it makes me sick. I will probably cook something up during Christmas time.

I love work at the moment. Never knew how much fun stationery could be. Or even that stationery is spelt with an 'e' as opposed to stationary which means not moving. Currently designing the new corporate site and then I will be maintaining it along with a monthly business stationery newsletter! I really like having such a varied workflow. It's just so much fun and very rewarding.

Looking forward to the new year where I will be visiting Edinburgh. Could not be disappointing even if it tried. Then it's off to Bulgaria in March for a spot of skiing. Back in London there's some old friends I haven't seen since university began so that should be a mega blast! Hopefully I'll be seeing anybody reading this very soon!

Under The Skin

Me and my friend had the most amazing luck and were given movie tickets to a screening of Under The Skin at the BFI Film Festival in Leicester Square. There was quite the gathering around the red carpet, hopeful to catch a glimpse of the star of the movie, Scarlett Johansson. Instead they were treated to a wonderful casual stroll over the red carpet into the cinema by us. Other than that it was just going to any old cinema as usual.

When everyone was settled and 15 minutes late, the director, Jonathan Glazer, and producer, James Wilson, walked up on stage and gave a brief introduction of themselves. They then apologised on behalf of Scarlett Johansson that she couldn't be here to attend the premiere since she was filming in China. We were that close to seeing her in person.

Then we sat and watched Scarlett Johansonn seducing Scottish men into her van. Let me be as vague as the movie was trying to be and describe the movie as ambiguous. Also, there was a lot of skin on show from Johansonn which was a positive. I was more fascinated with the production of the movie. At the end, the director and producer came back up on stage and surprised everyone that a lot of the movie was actually recorded by hidden cameras with real scots picked up by Scarlett in her white van. To think that I could have been one of those lucky men...

Under The Skin will be released in UK cinemas sometime early 2014.