Oh man, it's always been a while since I have been back on this but I have had a lot more time on my hands these days. Mainly due to the fact DotA 2 is dead and I am in no way into the new update at all. Which is a good thing I guess, frees me up to do more stuff online and maybe even get off my butt a bit more.

Looking at my site, it felt okay but I was starting to get off the idea of keeping my whole theme orange and yellow. I never got round to finishing it completely, most of it was just a half-baked attempt. Re-designing just feels bad because you have let go of what you created. The design and all the code was your baby. Neglected and untidy but all your own to love nonetheless.

I wanted to start from scratch and maybe go the black/white and hipster font look. I also thought about redesigning the framework so it would make it easier to change designs (and sticking with the analogy) without having to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I knew it was finally time to move away from static CSS and have a go with some pre-processors, specifically LESS. Dreamweaver also made this easier as it now had a pretty good built in system for it, probably wouldn't have bothered otherwise.

However, after playing around and seeing if I could just compile my current design, I started playing with colours and auto-generating colour palettes. I forgot how fun and colourful coding could be! I thought and wondered about the possibilities. What if I could just create the perfect algorithm and pump out an almost infinite number of different setups? Turns out you can, and I did. Every minute the code will churn out a colour scheme and hopefully the colours on the page will be distinct enough that you'll still be able to read and browse!

I did think about letting it refresh every second or even auto-refreshing the colour scheme but then it was just confusing to navigate. I don't think anyone stays on this site longer than a minute so from a user experience it should be fairly consistent until they leave. You're welcome to stay longer though!