Hey guys it's really been too long since my last post. I have written so many draft posts but I haven't been happy with them or had the time really to be bothered to fix them up. So this post is just a kind of release so I can get out the vicious cycle of not posting anything. Always good to practice writing!

Also I'm upset with the design of the site after working on some other projects. It feels so outdated it makes me sick. I will probably cook something up during Christmas time.

I love work at the moment. Never knew how much fun stationery could be. Or even that stationery is spelt with an 'e' as opposed to stationary which means not moving. Currently designing the new corporate site and then I will be maintaining it along with a monthly business stationery newsletter! I really like having such a varied workflow. It's just so much fun and very rewarding.

Looking forward to the new year where I will be visiting Edinburgh. Could not be disappointing even if it tried. Then it's off to Bulgaria in March for a spot of skiing. Back in London there's some old friends I haven't seen since university began so that should be a mega blast! Hopefully I'll be seeing anybody reading this very soon!